25 Bookish Facts About Me

Hello fellow readers! Since I recently started Surrounded By Books I’ve been thinking about my preferences of books and I decided that sharing some bookish facts about myself would be a good way of making a proper introduction. So without further ado, here are 25 bookish things about Samantha!

  1. I enjoy listening to classical music while I read. I tend to focus more and gain more from the book.
  2. If I can get around buying a Mass Market Paperback you best believe I will hunt down a larger copy.
  3. When I’m in the book zone I can read around 100 pages an hour!
  4. My favorite genre to read is fantasy.
  5. Floppy paperbacks hold a special place in my heart… thank you floppy paperbacks.
  6. I tend to read the book before watching the movie.
  7. I do not lend out my books unless I know 100% that I will get them back in the condition I lent them out in. I’ve been in too many horrify situations to change.
  8. I am a fan of e-book readers/e-books; they are excellent for travel!
  9. I own upwards of 300 books in physical form.
  10. Sarah J. Maas and Cassandra Clare are auto-buy authors for me. I am in love with anything and everything they write. #girlpower
  11. I can’t eat or drink anything while i’m reading.
  12. I’ve never made it through reading a biography and I consider that my least favorite genre.
  13. I tend to get emotionally attached to the books I read and think about them for weeks after I have completed the said novel.
  14. I have never read Game of Thrones but I own 3 copies and I don’t really have the desire to anymore.
  15. I make book recommendations to anyone I bump into at a book store.
  16. My favorite book is The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.
  17. I have a book on me at all times, whether it be a physical book or e-book on my phone or Kindle.
  18. I love watching book hauls on YouTube, they bring me joy!
  19. I would love to read more mystery novels.
  20. The biggest book I read was The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss which was 1000 pages! 😦😦😦
  21. I reread the Harry Potter series almost every year! What can I say? I love my wizard children.
  22. I always use a bookmark, I never dog ear my pages.
  23. I cry ways too often while I read.
  24. I try not to read book reviews before picking up a book because I tend to focus on those while reading rather than forming my own opinions.
  25. I am a big fan of reading about the Fey in books. They are my favorite supernatural creatures so whenever I can find a book where they have a role I automatically put it on my TBR list.

So here you have it, 25 bookish facts about me! If you have any bookish facts feel free to leave a comment. Thanks so much for reading and have a fun book filled day!


Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare


Book Information:

Published: March 8, 2016 by McElderly Books

Author: Cassandra Clare

Page Count: 720

Amazon: $14.99

Barnes and Nobel (Exclusive): $16.24

My oh my, what a book! Cassandra Clare once again has given readers a fast paced and well-written novel with brilliant characters. My hands are shaking as I type since I am still in this books clutches. The beginning of this series was a strong one and I can hope that the rest of it delivers. I am so happy for this book to finally be out!

Readers follow two characters briefly introduced in City of Heavenly Fire, Julian Blackthorn and Emma Carstairs. 5 years has passed since The Dark War and when victims start to show up with missing hands, burns, smelling of the sea and words etched into their skin Emma right away believes that the person behind them is the same person that killed her parents so long ago. Embarking on the journey to find the killers obstacles will be placed in both their way, testing their parabatai bond more so than ever before.

At first I was apprehensive of book set in the same world because I had grown attached to the characters from The Mortal Instruments but all of those worries went straight out my window the moment I opened the book. Clare cultivates her characters and their backstories so well that you feel that they are in the room sitting next to you.I have never been invested in the Shadowhunter world than now. Clare has taken us deeper into this secret place then she has ever done and the slow ache to know more edges its way into your mind.

The book does have a slower start with the first 150 or so pages but beyond that point lays the best scenes I have read in quite some time. The action scenes are phenomenal and the chemistry between certain characters had me screaming a few times. All good screams of course! When you get over that slower start be prepared to not put the book down. It was a struggle to set it down to feed my cat so beware!

I must say that I adored the way that Clare wrote each of her characters. They all had flaws that made them more 3D rather than just being people written on paper. I highly enjoyed reading of their struggles both mentally and physically.

I would highly suggest having read The Mortal Instuments and The Shadowhunter Academy Series before reading Lady Midnight but it is not essential! If you do though be advised of the feels that will hit you hard. There are things mentioned in Lady Midnight that are directly linked to The Mortal Instruments so if you are deciding which one to read first go with TMI. You’ll understand more of the sneakily hidden jokes from our old characters.

Lady Midnight is a strong first novel that keeps readers on the edge of their seats and has words that become engraved in your mind forevermore.  5/5 Stars rating on Goodreads.