The Diviners: Libba Bray


Book Information:

Published: September 18, 2012 by Little Brown Books

Author: Libba Bray

Page Count: 578

Amazon: Hardcover – $15.49 / Paperback – $ 7.92

Barnes & Nobel: Hardcover – $ 15.49 Paperback – $8.12

This novel blew my socks off! Libya Bray takes us back to the 1920’s in the most unique and chilling way. The Diviners takes us from our daily lives and brings us back to a time where things were so different, not to mention we are introduced to some stunning characters.

The story follows Evie O’Neil as she is shipped off to live with her bachelor Uncle William in New York City, a place of dreams and she is just ecstatic to be there. What shipped Evie off to New York in the first place just might be able to catch a dangerous murderer who has suddenly popped up before it’s too late. As he Uncle Will is called to investigate these devastating and terrifying murders Evie realizes that she has the power to help. Throughout the novel there are other stories told about those who live in the city that never sleeps: Memphis, a boy who’s had everything taken away; Theta, a girl with big dreams and nightmares that chase her; and Jericho, a young man who has a deep secret that must stay hidden.

I absolutely adored this book. It captured my attention from the first page and I was hooked. I must admit that it is one of those slow building books but once it takes off you can’t stop reading! I found the characters interesting and relatable, especially the main character Evie.

The plot itself was very intriguing. This is my first time reading historical fiction/paranormal mixed into one and I really enjoyed myself. I found that the author did a wonderful job at creating a realistic setting of New York in the 1920’s and I found myself picturing what the characters saw through their eyes.

I was quite surprised at how gory and scary this book was at times. I wasn’t expecting that at all! If I must admit I had to turn on the lights a few times at night. It was very satisfying and left me on good standing with the first book. The second book is already on it’s way to my home though!

Where I ran into trouble was not with the slow burning start of the book but more a problem with some of the decisions that characters made. There were times where I had to set the book down and ask myself if that was something I (a young adult) would do if I was in that situation. I was able to get passed these aggravating moments but they still were a slight drawback.

Reading this book has me very excited to start Lair of Dreams (the sequel) and explore the other works that Libba Bray has to offer!

This book was given a 4.5 stars rating on Goodreads.


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