Sunday Post: 5/29/16

Hello fellow readers! I type up this post as rain is slowly falling from the sky where I am. I hope that your week was kind to you and that you are doing well!

The Sunday Post Meme was created by Kimberly over at  Caffeinated Book Reviewer. Please go check out her blog and share some book love!

Personal Update:

I AM DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL I’M SCREAMING!!!! Friday I took the last of my finals and I cannot begin to describe the feeling. I have been blessed to have met so many amazing people over my high school years and the memories shall always stick. Thursday I graduate and can finally say “college here I come!”

This Week’s Posts:

Top 5 Wednesday: Characters You Defend

This or That? #40

Current Read:

I am going on week 2 of reading Outlander and I can definitely say I am hooked! I had only been reading a chapter a day to pace myself but that thinking has flown out the window. As of last night I have hit part four and it is full steam ahead on the Outlander train. I am officially 50% done with the novel and hope to complete it this week!

This was a book I was intimidated by but no longer. Sometimes it is good to take a chance and jump right into something!



I hope that you all have an amazing week ahead! This week I will be participating in “This or That #41” as well as this weeks #T5W topic “Book Theme Songs”…. You know I’m going to go all out!

-Samantha 🙂


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