Outlander: Diana Gabaldon


Book Information (this edition): 

Published: October 26, 2004

Author: Diana Gabaldon

Page Count: 642

Amazon: $10.17

Barnes & Noble: $6.52 (I think this is for Mass Market Paperback, not 100% sure)

Oh my god. I just finished this book and I had to write down my thoughts while they are fresh!!! I cannot believe that this was a book that once intimidated me. My mind is reeling.

I wanted to do something new with this review so please let me know your thoughts on the in-depth breakdown!

Going into Outlander I was scared and intimidated, not going to lie. It is a pretty large book and everyone raves about it! When I picked it up about two weeks ago I told myself I was going to pace myself and read about a chapter a day. I knew that if I didn’t stick to this rule that the book would sit on my nightstand and I’d kick myself for leaving it unfinished. I am so glad that I pushed myself to do that! The first couple chapters were slow but they slowly built up to where my “one chapter a day” rule flew right out my two story window.

I started out reading my physical copy and switched to my kindle copy for easier reading. The print was so tiny!


The story follows a woman named Claire Randall who is transported back to 1743 Scotland after she touches a set of standing stones while on her honeymoon. From that point on she must learn how to blend into this society. Along the journey she meets a young man named Jamie Fraser who is quite a complicated lad. Claire must make an important decision, one that could bring her back to the man she left behind or accept the idea that she might be stuck right where she is.


The plot of this book is highly intriguing. I mean time travel, heck yeah! Time travel by touching standing stones, even more interesting. The concept  was enough for me to purchase this book. Beside the time travel the plot dives into adventure and steamy romance. There is also amazing characters that really bring the conflict alive. Definitely a 3-D type of book.


What I really appreciated was that the author did a lot of research and it paid off. Reading this book I felt I was transported along with Claire to 1743. I felt as though I walked alongside her in the Highlands and interacted with the people from that time.


Claire Randall is one tough lady and certainly one of my favorite characters. Wow! She has such a strong personality and her narration was superb. I love how Gabaldon wrote her. She would do anything for those she cares about and it is what she has seen in life/been taught that has really shaped her. Also, she’s a nurse which is pretty cool as well!

Jamie Fraser (queue the swooning) is one hunk of a man. My god I swear I would scream if he was in the room! A strong gentleman with a few quirks. He too would do anything for those he loves and he has. I found him interesting and always eager to see more of when he wasn’t in a scene.

Captain Jonathan Randall “Black Jack” as he was commonly known, was a character to get the blood boiling. Didn’t like him when he is first introduced and sure as heck didn’t like him throughout the novel! He is the true definition of a villain and a cruel one at that.

*There are lots more characters, these are just 3 main ones!


Gabaldon really impressed me! While there were some slow parts and too many details, I found that when the novel really picked up that I couldn’t put it down. The narrator is wonderful and can easily flip back and fourth from male to female.

This novel was a wild rollercoaster of emotions. I felt pain, anger, happiness, and sadness while reading for various characters. I always say good writing brings out the best and worse of a person and this book is a perfect example.


There is a particular scene in this novel that I didn’t quite agree with. That scene being where Jamie spanks Claire and enjoys it. I did not at all like that scene but I believe it might have been there to really set up the type of time period Claire was thrust into. Still even if that is the case, that particular scene wasn’t for me.


I loved loved loved (yes three times!) this book. I was able to get over my silly intimidation and dive head first. I hopped on the Outlander train and I don’t think I’ll be getting off soon (this is a 9 book series…. EEP)!!

All I can continue to say is wow. That, and Dragonfly in Amber is sitting on my nightstand waiting for me to dive in!

This book was given a 5/5 star rating on Goodreads. 

-Samantha 🙂


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