Sunday Post:6/5/16

Hello fellow readers and happy Sunday! I hope that your week was kind to you and that you are doing well.

The Sunday Post Meme was created by Kimberly over at  Caffeinated Book Reviewer. Please go check out her blog and share some book love!

Personal Update: 

I am officially a high school graduate!!! This past Thursday I graduated high school and wow did the time fly. I really can’t believe that I finished writing such a large chapter of my life.

I also got my first job this week! I will be part of the working force soon. It’s crazy that all of these new things are happening in a blink of an eye. I will still be reading like crazy, job or not!

This Week’s Posts: 

This or That? #41

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Outlander: Diana Gabaldon (Book Review)

The Harry Potter Spells Tag

June 2016 TBR

It was a busy posting week!

Current Read:



I have officially started book 2 to Outlander!! EEP! I am absolutely in love with this series so far. The first part of this book really captured my attention but the part I am at now is slow. I am powering my way through though! I am in love with Diana Gabaldon’s writing style and the narration.





Current Obsession: 


tumblr_o89f4uiVtR1vq9c7bo1_400  tumblr_o89hngxQXt1te86efo1_500


I love him so much I’m gonna scream.

I hope you all have an amazing week ahead! This week I will be participating in “This or That #42” and #T5W’s topic of “Favorite Character Names”! I am so excited for this weeks topic. Enjoy your Sunday and read on!

-Samantha 🙂


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