Dragonfly in Amber: Diana Gabaldon

Gabaldon-Dragonfly-in-Amber-220x332Book Information: 

Published: August 7th 2001 by Bantam (1st pub. 7/1/92)

Author: Diana Gabaldon

Page Count: 743

Rating: 4.75/5 ⭐️

Amazon: $11.05

Barnes and Noble: $6.84 (Mass Market Paperback I believe)

**NOTE**: This is a book review for book 2 of Outlander. There will be spoilers so please if you haven’t read the book come back and read this or read at your own risk!

OH MY GOD THAT ENDING THOUGH!!!! I AM SPEECHLESS AND NEED A GOOD CRY! Diana Gabaldon definitely delivers in the sequel to Outlander. All I can fathom to think is wow.

Dragonfly in Amber does end off on a cliffhanger note!! So if you want a break to read something else I suggest reading something after Outlander since the ending of that book makes you all warm and tingly.

I on the other hand had no idea what I was getting into. After reading and finishing Outlander I dove straight into Dragonfly in Amber without knowing anything. Well the tables had turned since I had last put down Outlander and grabbed DiA.

The first part of DiA “Inverness, 1968” is written in Claire’s present time. It is 20 or so years after she first stepped through the stones and was taken back in time.Let me tell you that I was not at all expecting this jump. No longer is Claire in her mid twenties but in her forties and a head surgeon.

Not only was that shocking enough but she has a daughter that was fathered by Jamie….. I NEVER SAW THAT ONE COMING. I’m not even kidding when I say that I had to make sure I didn’t miss a book or something because things were spinning off course.

Claire has brought her daughter to Scotland and is willing to share her tale for the first time ever to young Briana. Alongside them through this telling is the Reverand’s (first book character) son, Roger, who Claire has put to the task of finding out the men who died in the Battle of Culloden.


When we left off in Outlander Jamie and Claire, now pregnant, are on their way to France to stop the Jacobite Rebellion and try to change the future. Once there they must grow accustomed to the way of life that the french live and grow to understand their way of politics. With Jamie taking over his cousins wine business for a few months the couple discovers that this will be a perfect way to worm themselves into the Jacobite circle.

As things slowly turn out to be more deadly and live threatening the couple must place their lives on the table as well as their love.


The plot of book two is much different then the plot in book one. In Dragonfly in Amber the whole story is based on trying to rewrite history and save the thousands of Highlanders that will be murdered during this rebellion. We have moved slightly away from the time travel and more into the political aspect of trying to share thoughts and ideas to stop a rebellion from happening.


Readers are transported back to 18th century France and oh my! I loved reading Claire’s descriptions of everything around her. I felt like I had once again followed her back in time and was seeing exactly what she saw. Through the novel we are brought back to present day Scotland, 18th century France and Scotland.

Claire and Jamie have gone through so much in this book it is truly a miracle that they have stuck together. They have been thrown every obstacle possible and they are still moving through it together.

In DiA I loved seeing Claire’s medical knowledge shine through. That is one of her strongest traits and I loved to see it used the way that it was. Jamie is his loving and strong self still. He, in my opinion, has grown and evolved from the first book. It was interesting to read about how he dealt with the politics and people he encountered.

I’m not going to lie the first 300 or so pages of this book moved very slowly. There were some really good parts and others that made you want to put the book down.

Once you get passed that mark the novel will blow your mind. There were times when I refused to put the book down and pick up another task. So much was happening towards the end of the book that it was face paced and overwhelming in a good sense.

So much happened in the second part of this book that wrenches your heart. You feel like you are on the battle field or in the rooms along with the characters. This is not a 2D book, but real and life like. I felt as though I could reach out and hold Jamie/Claire’s hand.

There are definitely cry worthy moments, both sad and some happy. But mostly they are the sad, ugly cry moments. I had many of those throughout this novel.

I loved this book so much and I highly recommend it to Outlander fans and those who have read Outlander. The story of Jamie and Claire grows, has its ups and downs, and invites anyone in at a glance.


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