Sunday Post: 6/19/16

Hello fellow readers and friends! Happy Sunday and to all the father’s out there Happy Father’s Day! I hope that you are all doing well and that your week’s were kind to you.

The Sunday Post Meme was created by Kimberly over at  Caffeinated Book Reviewer. Please go check out her blog and share some book love!

Personal Update:

This week was yet another boring week for me! I had lunch with a good friend but other than that I have been enjoying the nice warm weather and getting some much needed vitamin D.

Also, tomorrow is the first day of my job!!! EEP! I’m a bundle of nerves right now since this will be my first job/day on the job. A large part of me is anxious (what’s new?) and the other, smaller, part of me is excited. I feel that I am looking forward to getting out of the house and meeting some new people.

This Week’s Posts:

This or That? #43

Sempre: J.M. Darhower (Book Review)

Sempre Redemption: J.M. Darhower (Book Review)

*Unfortunately this past week I was unable to partake in #T5W 😦 I will be participating again this upcoming Wednesday (6/23)

Currently Reading:

Last week I said I was going to dive into Voyager by Diana Gabaldon but I have decided to pick up a few more books before I start that one! I needed a little bit of a break and I wanted to try to read some more novels on my TBR list.

It’s all up in the air this week!

I hope that you all have an exciting week ahead! This week I will be participating in This or That #44 and #T5W’s “Favorite Videos/Posts” topic!

-Samantha 🙂


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