This or That? #46

Hello fellow readers and happy Tuesday! Today we have an awesome topic for This or That? and I will be sharing my various thoughts on it. I apologize for getting this post to all of you later than usual, I just got off work. EEP

This or That is created by Rae over at bookmarkcronicles. Every week a bookish question is tossed out there and a choice must be made! On Fridays the topic choice winner is announced. Please head on over to her awesome blog and share some bookish love!

How do you feel about breaking the spines of a book?

Hmm this one is tricky for me! I hate seeing broken spines on my shelves and I dislike breaking them. I’m literally breaking a books back and that doesn’t settle well with me. I feel like a bad person if I do so!

I’m not a fan of cosmetic damage to my books. I want to preserve my books in the best condition possible or keep them in the condition that I discovered them in.

If it was a very hard book to read and breaking the spine would be the only way to delve into the book I think I would actually buy the Kindle copy or gently try to get around it. I have a book buying problem and I’ve just admitted it……

What would you do?! Are you a fan of breaking the spine? Let me know!!

Until we meet again,

Samantha 🙂


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