The Ruler of Books Tag

Hello fellow readers! I was not tagged by anyone to do this tag, but per usual I was watching various book related videos and stumbled upon this one. I tag anyone who wants to participate!

This tag was created by the very awesome Ariel Bissett over on YouTube so please go check out her video/channel!


Let me slip on my crown, get into character, and let’s get started!

-Samantha 🙂

1. What book would you make everyone readTOG-NYT-Cover

Easy, my choice will forever and always be Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas! Not only is she my author mother (does that make sense) but this book is like a very special sibling to me. It introduced me to Maas’s writing and it will forever be a favorite. Of course if I was a ruler this book would be everywhere and everyone would have to read it. Mwhaha

2. What would you abolish in book construction?

Hmm for this one I’m going to have to abolish when the book cover does not reach the edge of the book and there is this weird little sliver of space. Like why can’t the cover just go to the end?? Why make it shorter then the book pages? What kind of blasphemy?!

3. What author would you commission to write you any book?


………… SARAH J. MAAS IS THIS SURPRISING? But seriously that women could write my grocery list and I would fawn over it for hours and hours, put in a shadow box to keep it safe, and cry a thousand times over.

4. What book would you demote to the library basement to make room for new books?

It starts with an F… That’s right, Fifty Shades of Grey would be placed in the basement for various different reasons. I see a billion and one copies of this book everywhere. Bookstores, libraries, used bookstores, even my local grocery store. Different books can be displayed and cherished while those are brought down to the dungeon, I mean basement.


5. What cover artist would you commission to make a mural?


Alan Dingman, the cover artist for The Man Called Ove, is so amazing! I love that cover so much and I would love to see a whole mural with his art etched close to me.

The cover of the book is truly stunning and I love how it has the the blue sky, the cat, with the figure of a person walking. It just invites you in and makes you want to know more about the story and I think that is pretty magical in itself.

6. What characters face would you put on a coin?

This question is a tricky one for me! I think I will have to go with Kvothe from The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. I wouldn’t mind seeing those piercing eyes while paying for things and I don’t think my people would either. He really does have some amazing eyes.

7. What book would you award the “Ruler of Books” 2016 Prize to?

A Court of Mist and Fury ALLLLL the way! That book rules me if we’re being honest here. It is heartbreaking, romantic, soul crushing, breathtaking, and all around cry worthy! Once again my book mother has crushed the book game.



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