This or That? #55

Hello reader fam! I hope you are all doing spectacular this fine Thursday.

For those who don’t know This or That is created by Rae over at bookmarkcronicles. Every week a bookish question is tossed out there and a choice must be made! On Fridays the topic choice winner is announced. Please head on over to her awesome blog and share some bookish love!

This week’s question is…

Would you ever join a book club? Why or why not?

I absolutely would! I have always wished I could but I’ve never run across one. Personally, I feel like book clubs are a way to fan-over and chat all about a book that has been chosen. It is also a way to explore the different book options out there. Also it is a great way of making friends and that idea really sings to me.

Being able to come together each week or month with people that share a love of novels is a dream. I can only hope that one day I can be apart of one, whether that be online or in person!

Let me know what you would do in the comments below!

-Samantha 🙂