Tatiana and Alexander by Paullina Simons

Book Information (for this edition):

Also known as The Bridge to Holy Cross!

Published: July 29, 2010 by William Morrow

Author: Paullina Simons

Page Count: 559

Amazon: $10.47

Barnes and Noble: $10.26

Note: I’ve reviewed the first book in this trilogy The Bronze Horseman. Please if you haven’t read that first book yet be careful for spoilers! The description of this novel gives away what has happened in TBH. 

I CAN’T EVEN WITH THIS BOOK!!! My heart is on the floor and I’m in tears as I type. I’ve just finished Tatiana and Alexander by the lovely and amazing Paullina Simons and it ripped me in two. There were so many times where I had to toss the book on the chair and run to get some Kleenex. (I’m not even kidding!!!)

So we pick up right where TBH has ended, Alexander getting ready to be interrogated and Tatiana holding her newborn baby boy at Ellis Island, thinking that her beloved Shura is dead. Throughout the book we see the struggles of the war on both characters. They are so much different then the people they once were. I believe that they have both hardened over the course of the years.

It broke my heart to see the struggle that Alexander was going through. He didn’t know whether or not Tatiana had escaped and after picking up bits and pieces of information didn’t know if she was being held captive. Tatiana who has made it to America now must take care of their son thinking that Alexander is dead! I cannot even begin to imagine that thought process.

We learn a lot about Alexander in this book. We are transported back into his memories of leaving America to go to Russia with his parents. We see the struggles he went through and feel exactly as he did in those moments of his life. We also get to read more about the lovely Lazarevo is revisited in those memories AND OH GOD IT KILLED ME IT REALLY DID!

There is so much angst and heartbreak in this book that I was opening sobbing in a classroom full of my peers, that’s how truly moving this book is. It sucks you right in and you feel as though you are standing right along side Tatiana and Alexander.

As I said earlier I do believe that the characters have become harder, especially Alexander. Tatiana has a stronger backbone in this novel, especially with the belief that Alexander truly might still be alive. The Alexander that was present is TBH is now hidden away in a colder and harder man. The effects of war and being interrogated have gotten to him.

Speaking of interrogation… WHY DO THIS TO POOR ALEXANDER?!? The things that were said had me both angry and in tears.

I waited for so long for both of the lovers to be reunited and the way the reunion was executed brought me to my knees (figuratively that is!) It couldn’t have been done better. Here you are reading this book, rooting for Tania and Shura to be reunited and BAM it happens the way it does and your heart aches, it really truly does.

I loved seeing Tania taking care of baby Anthony in her chapters and sections. Her son was her one connection to Alexander that she had left. He couldn’t have given her a better gift. Tania had such a big heart and seeing her with her son, taking care of him, and being a mother was so beautiful to read about. Alexander, though, would always be her number 1 and she wasn’t going to stop until she had the truth in her hands.

Tatiana and Alexander truly was the second half to The Bronze Horseman. It was utterly perfect and heartbreaking. The ending is open enough for book 3, The Summer Garden and my greedy reader’s mind is already devouring it. I cannot rave about this book enough. I highly recommend this series! It is a new favorite.

Favorite Quote: 

“There was once a time,” she said, “when you placed your hand on my chest and I thought my whole life was in front of me.”

This book was given a 5/5 star rating on Goodreads.